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Aluminum jar

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The factory wholesale custom 60g soap box cosmetic cream box shikonoshi cream box aluminum box round

    Wuxi Meishang company stock 60g aluminum box round thread cream cream box tea box cosmetic packaging box color can be customized

    Wuxi meishang packaging technology co., LTD. is a new modern enterprise which mainly deals with cosmetic packaging products, daily packaging products and pharmaceutical packaging products.

Detailed introduction

Product Name Aluminum can/Jar
Material Aluminum, iron, alloy, etc., the thickness of the sheet is generally 0.24-0.6CM.
Capacity ML Size D*H Weight
5 27*16 2.2
10 35*18 3.87
15 40*18 4.7
20 40*20 4.45
25 48*18 6.2
30 52*20 8.4
40 57*23 9.38
50 57*27 10
60 68*25 12
80 68*35 14.9
100 83*28 17
120 83*32 17.5
150 83*38 19.5
200 92*45 23
250 100*40 27.95
package When the quantity is large, our box is packaged separately from the bottom of the box. Different packing specifications are selected according to different specifications. Each layer is made of suitable oil paper and other materials. The carton is made of 5 layers of thick corrugated boxes, which can better prevent midway transportation. Squeeze and collision, about 400-3000 per case, depending on the situation.
color Can be customized according to customer needs
Features Aluminum box has been widely used in cosmetics, food, small gifts, handicrafts and other personalties, aluminum has a silver-white luster, good gloss, aluminum packaging has a good visual sense, smooth hand, greatly improve the grade of the product. Aluminum forms an oxide film that prevents corrosion of metals in humid air. Aluminum is insoluble in water, so aluminum packaging is corrosive and waterproof. The important thing is: easy to carry, no space, 100% recyclable, light weight, not easy to damage, no pollution to the environment, saving packaging costs, corrosion resistance, high-end atmospheric grade, and extended product shelf life.
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