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Detailed introduction

Product Name  Cosmetic lotion airless pump bottle
Capacity 15ml 30ml 50ml
Size D3.3*H11 mm D3.3*H12.3 mm D3.3*H15.7mm
Material AS + aluminum
Color Can be customized according to customer needs
Print Available
Application Perfume 、 Toner  (Pure water quality)、Skin Care Cream
Attention Metal parts are electrochemical aluminum material, electrochemical aluminum material is high-grade but easy to have the characteristics of indentation and scratches, especially mind the indentation and scratches carefully. The vacuum bottle does not have a straw, and the piston at the bottom will push up the liquid. When it is used, the piston will be lifted to the top, and then the piston will be pushed down slowly to be recycled. In addition, please note that the vacuum bottle must be filled before it can be pressed out.
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