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Classification of cosmetic packaging bottles, containers and pump heads

There are many types of cosmetic packaging, such as cosmetic bottles, ware and pump heads. Here is a look at the classification of cosmetic packaging bottles, ware and pump heads.


Classification of cosmetic packaging bottles and containers

 cosmetic packaging bottles and containers

1. Vacuum bottles: cap, shoulder sleeve, vacuum pump, piston. Depend on air pressure to use.

The head of the pump is generally a pointed head with a chicken beak or a flat head with a duck beak. The vacuum bottle has a high seal and the vacuum pump will move up with the reduction of the inner material, which will affect the aesthetics to a certain extent.

2. Lotion bottle: by the lid, shoulder sleeve, lotion pump. Most of them are equipped with a straw inside.

Single and multi-layer bottles are generally made of acrylic on the outside and PP on the inside. The lid is made of acrylic on the outside and ABS on the inside.

3. Perfume bottles: mostly lids, spray heads, bottles and straws.

The large capacity ones are commonly made of glass because of the long storage time. PP bottles are suitable for short-term storage of small volumes.

4. Cream bottles: with outer cap, outer bottle, inner liner and gasket.

Acrylic double layer cream bottle: acrylic body, lid, gasket PP. acrylic is more transparent and more expensive.

PP double layer cream bottle: bottle body, lid, all made of PP. Not very transparent suitable for designs with colour.

PET single-layer bottle, PP, PE, PS, etc. Can be used in combination with external electrified aluminium, lids external electrified aluminium and other related materials.

5. Blow moulded bottles: material mostly PET. The lid is divided into three kinds of screw cap, flip cap and chikyu cap. Blow moulding is the bottle embryo directly blown into.

The characteristic is that the bottle has a convex point at the bottom. It is brighter in the light.

6. Blow injection bottle: The material is mostly PP or PE. The cap is divided into three types: swing cap, flip cap and screw cap. Blow injection bottles are a process that combines blow injection and blow moulding into one, requiring only one mould. The characteristic is a bonded line at the bottom of the bottle.

7. Aluminium-plastic hose: is the innermost is PE material outside is aluminium packaging, commonly used process offset printing, silk-screening, hot stamping.

8. All-plastic hose: commonly used PE, PP, PVC material, and first pull out the hose and then cut, commonly used process offset printing, silk-screening, hot stamping.


Classification of cosmetic packaging pump head

 cosmetic packaging pump head

1. Nozzle: bayonet (half bayonet aluminium, full bayonet aluminium), screw mouth are plastic, can be set on the top to do a layer of aluminium cover, plating and other processes.

2. Lotion pump: common for the tip and duckbill two, according to the bottle can be divided into vacuum and straw, are screw mouth.

3. Hand-washing pumps: large calibre, all with screwed mouths. Various shapes, according to the bottle type can be adapted to different pump head.


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