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Excellent cosmetic packaging promotes brand product marketing

Brands are now paying more and more attention to the importance of cosmetic packaging. It is by using excellent cosmetic packaging that communication with consumers can be achieved and the brand can be successful.

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Analysis of the characteristics of cosmetic packaging design

1. Cultural characteristics of cosmetic packaging design

In art design, culture is the overall tendency and tone of values, aesthetics and emotions, which affects people's value judgement and aesthetic sentiment in a subtle way. If a piece of packaging design is to stand out, it must perfectly reflect the cultural connotation and artistic characteristics in the packaging design. Packaging design works that rely on performance techniques and discard cultural connotations are inevitably water without a source, and will inevitably be hollow and insipid and lose vitality. A cosmetic packaging design with strong national cultural characteristics and cultural heritage can only adapt to the aesthetic needs of national consumers and draw attention to them.

2. The brand effect of cosmetic packaging design

Packaging is designed for the image of the product, and the packaging design is the most intuitive reflection of the company's brand image. For companies to successfully introduce a clear brand message is also to establish a corporate image and improve the added value and competitiveness of the product for the purpose. When consumers buy a branded product, they first identify with it and develop feelings of trust and quality before enjoying an aesthetic experience beyond the consumption of the product in a symbolic sense, which is the charm of the brand effect. This is the charm of the brand effect. Therefore, the brand effect and corporate culture of the product must be reflected in the design of the cosmetic packaging in order to win the hearts of female consumers.


Cosmetic packaging design in the context of modern consumer sentiment

1. Personalised packaging

The design of the packaging can be clearly and concretely reflected in the changing materials used to meet the needs of different age groups. For example, brand design for young women is more lovely in shape, imitating the shape of plants and animals as packaging containers, and the choice of colours is mostly pink and high-key to meet the consumer psychology of young girls, reflecting the psychological pleasure of the flowering season. For mature women's consumer demand in the container shape selection based on simple and generous, practical, reflecting the elegant and aesthetic characteristics, the colour is mostly warm female colours, focusing on the soft and beautiful visual impression of women's groups.

2. Cultural beauty of packaging

The unified cultural elements are the result of the gradual development and evolution of history and the crystallisation of national wisdom, which is not only a symbol of symbols, but also conveys a wealth of connotation information. Today we can see that many international cosmetic companies are putting a lot of effort into their packaging design, paying attention to the emotional individual needs of Chinese women and developing a range of cosmetics to cater for consumers.

3. Packaging environmental protection

The choice of materials for cosmetic packaging is of great significance to today's green design, and the choice of materials that can be recycled and easily processed is suitable for the needs of current industrial civilisation. It is the best packaging material for the cosmetic market today, and has a much broader future.

4. Prohibit excessive packaging

The number of layers of packaging is excessive, the gap rate is too large, too luxurious ...... Many consumers have reflected that some cosmetic companies in the current market still have excessive packaging, not environmentally friendly, not saving the situation, beyond the basic function of the packaging itself.


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