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How does the crimp spray pump work?

The crimp spray pump is already a common cosmetic pump head, do you know how it works? Today Wuxi Meishang introduces you to the working principle of the crimp spray pump.


What is a crimp spray pump

 crimp spray pump

The crimp spray pump is a very common accessory for liquid containers. It is used to take the liquid inside the bottle, by pressing the way, so that the air and liquid mixture of fluid from the small hole quickly out, the pressure near the small hole is small, the pressure of the air above the liquid surface in the container is large, the liquid will rise up along the thin tube under the small hole, from the top of the thin tube after the outflow, by the impact of airflow, in the form of spray diffusion in the air, the formation of small particles of air suspension.


The working principle of the crimp spray pump

1. Exhaust process

It is assumed that there is no liquid in the base chamber of the crimp spray pump in the starting state. The spring is compressed, the volume in the chamber is compressed, the air pressure increases and the stopcock seals the upper port of the water draw-off tube. As the piston and the piston seat are not completely closed, the gas squeezes open the gap between the piston and the piston seat, separating them and allowing the gas to escape.

2. Suction process

After the gas has been exhausted, the press head of the crimp spray pump is released and the compressed spring is released, pushing the piston seat upwards, closing the gap between the piston seat and the piston and pushing the piston and the compression rod together upwards. The volume of the working chamber increases and the air pressure decreases, approximating a vacuum, causing the stop valve to open and the air pressure above the liquid level in the container to press the liquid into the pump body, completing the water absorption process.


The above is an introduction to the working principle of the crimp spray pump. For more information about the crimp spray pump, click here.

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