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How much do you know about cosmetic preservation methods?

Cosmetics, whether in use or unopened, should be placed at room temperature, dry and not directly exposed to sunlight; if you want to put them in the refrigerator to increase the coolness due to summer, you should also keep them away from the freezer, and put them back immediately after use. In place, to avoid deterioration due to the large temperature difference between entry and exit.

Products that are prone to contamination, such as mascara, are best replaced every three to four months because they are in direct contact with the eyelashes and remain in the mascara bottle.

In addition to fragrances and pigments, various advanced cosmetics also contain fatty acids, fatty alcohols and vaseline as main ingredients, and incorporate proteins, lipid compounds, various amino acids, vitamins, etc. and other organic matter. The above-mentioned organic substances are not only beneficial to the skin, but the preservatives in cosmetics are sufficient to inhibit or kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, and make the product not deteriorate in a short period of time, so it will not damage the skin. However, if it is stored for too long, the nutrients in it will be oxidized and decomposed, and the effect of preservatives will be weakened. In addition, in the past use process, it is inevitable to be polluted by the outside world, so that microorganisms will multiply in it. 

If contaminated cosmetics are used, various skin diseases may be induced, such as local inflammation, acne, pigmentation and so on. Therefore, cosmetics such as skin care creams and creams that have been stored for more than one year should not be used again in principle.

Cosmetics and other substances need to start paying attention when they are opened, and the lids need to be tightly closed. Certain volatile cosmetics also need to be placed in specific containers, such as essential oils, which are stored in dark glass bottles.