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How to choose cosmetic plastic bottle caps correctly

There are two main types of cosmetic plastic caps: plastic flip cap and plastic flip top cap. How to choose? The strengths and weaknesses of the two kinds of cosmetic plastic caps are as follows.


Plastic Flip Cap

Plastic flip cap, also known as screw cap, is a cap that connects and fits with the container by rotating through its own thread structure.

 Plastic Flip Cap


1.Advantages of Plastic flip cap

(1)Threaded structure

Thanks to the advantages of the threaded structure, the flip cap can generate a large axial force through the bite between the threads when it is tightened, and it is easy to realize the self-locking function. Plastic flip caps with threaded construction are also used for caps that require high precision positioning.

(2)Easy to use

Plastic flip cap can be tightened or loosened by rotating the cap.

(3)Various sizes available

18/410,18/415,20/410,20/415,24/410 24/415,28/400,28/410 and other sizes are available.


2.Disadvantages of Plastic flip cap

High manufacturing cost


3.Application of Plastic flip cap

Cosmetic packaging with high sealing requirements


Plastic Flip Top Cap

Plastic flip top cap, also known as snap cap, is a cap that is attached to the container by a structure such as a jaw or snap closure. The design of the flip top cap is based on the high toughness of the plastic itself, especially PP/PE which is a tough material and can take full advantage of the claw structure. During the installation process, the jaws of the snap cap are deformed briefly when the ratchet structure of the bottle is pressed and pulled on. Then, under the effect of the material's own elasticity, the jaws quickly return to their original shape and tightly grip the container mouth. As a result, the lid can be fixed to the container.

 plastic filp top cap


1. Advantages of the Plastic flip top cap

(1)Easy to install and use

The cap is fixed to the container mouth by pressing.

(2)Low manufacturing costs

2. Disadvantages of Plastic flip top cap

Uneven axial force, it will pull out under certain force.


3.Application of Plastic flip top cap

It is a good choice under the demand of low cost packaging for fast moving consumer goods.


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