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Little science:What are the technology used in cosmetic packaging

It is very important to do a good job in cosmetic packaging to promote cosmetic sales, and the technology used in cosmetic packaging is very important. Here are the technology used in cosmetic packaging.


 cosmetic packaging


Printing technology

There are many technology that can be applied, basically similar to paper. The common technology  are

1. Surface technology : glossy oil, matt oil, tactile oil.

2. Silk-screen printing: with an intaglio-convex three-dimensional feel, printed in a single colour, one of the most common technology  on packaging materials.

3. Offset printing: no embossing, gradient colours and rich patterns can be printed.

4. Hot stamping / silver / illusion: metallic, with a stronger sense of value.

5. UV: used in conjunction with the matt technology  to give a different visual effect.

6. Dry glue sticker: directly on the tube, adding a technology  to the label to present a different visual effect.


Colouring technology

1.Electro-aluminium: aluminium exterior, on a layer wrapped in inner plastic.

2. Electroplating (UV): compared to spraying the effect comes out in bright colours.

3. Spraying: Compared to plating the colour that comes out is a dark matt colour.

Sandblasting: A frosted layer of texture.

Spraying on the outside of the inner bottle: is sprayed on the outside of the inner bottle from the outside and there is a clear gap between the outer bottle. The sprayed area is small when viewed from the side.

Outer bottle inside spray: is sprayed on the inside of the outer bottle from the appearance of a larger area. The area is smaller when viewed in a vertical plane. And no gap with the inner bottle.

4. Brushed package of gold and silver: the reality is a film, careful observation can be found on the bottle articulated seams.

5. Secondary oxidation: it is the second oxidation in the original oxidation layer, so that the light surface is covered with a dark matt surface pattern or the dark matt surface appears as a light surface pattern. It is mostly used for the production of logos.

6. Injection moulding colour: Colour powder is added to the raw material when the product is injected. The technology  is relatively cheap. It is also possible to add bead powder, or too white powder to make the PET transparent into an opaque colour (and then add some colour powder for colour mixing). The water ripple is related to the amount of bead powder added.


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