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Share the inspection instructions for cosmetic packaging

Now brands are paying more and more attention to cosmetic packaging, do you know how to inspect cosmetic packaging? The following are instructions on how to inspect cosmetic packaging.

  cosmetic packaging

1. Cosmetic packaging sealing performance inspection

The sealing performance inspection can ensure that the sealing of the entire product package is intact, and prevent the deterioration of the packaged material due to leakage due to poor sealing performance of the product.


2. Impact resistance inspection of cosmetic packaging

Check the impact resistance of packaging materials to ensure that the selected packaging materials can effectively protect the product. There are two test methods for impact resistance test: dart impact and pendulum impact.


3. Cosmetic packaging tear performance inspection

The packaging of the product may be torn due to external force during storage and transportation. Sufficient tear resistance and expansion force can reduce tear transmission and avoid packaging leakage.


4. Cosmetic packaging friction coefficient (surface smoothness)

The inner and outer surfaces of the food film should have suitable smoothness to ensure good opening and smooth conveying and packaging on high-speed production lines.


5. Cosmetic packaging thickness inspection

Thickness is the basic indicator for detecting thin films. The uneven thickness will not only affect the tensile strength and barrier properties of the film, but also affect the subsequent processing of the film.


6. Factors affecting the sales of cosmetic packaging and appearance inspection

For cosmetics, the aesthetic appearance of the packaging can directly affect consumers' recognition of the brand and product quality. It is generally believed that first-class cosmetics should be equipped with first-class packaging commensurate with it. The investment is very large, in addition to ensuring the quality of the product, it pays special attention to the aesthetics of its appearance and the convenience of use. From the consumer's point of view, the printing on the outside of the package, the openability, the surface feel of the packaging material, the printing effect, and the appearance design have all become important considerations for product selection. However, in addition to the appearance design, the above factors are closely related to the performance testing of packaging materials.


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