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Talking about the development and trend of cosmetic packaging

Now cosmetic packaging is varied. With the development of the times and society, cosmetic packaging is also developing. Let’s talk about the development and trend of cosmetic packaging.


The development of packaging materials for cosmetic packaging

1. Glass

 glass cosmetic packaging

Glass has a major advantage in the field of high-grade cosmetic packaging, and its transparency and finish are incomparable to that of plastic bottles. Transparent and pure, noble and elegant, it is the charm of the glass bottle. For high-grade cosmetics or cosmetics that are prone to volatility and fragrance loss, such as perfume, glass bottles are generally used for packaging. Whitening and nutrition series cosmetics are extremely susceptible to oxidation, which places high demands on the hermeticity of the packaging. Glass bottles are more competent than plastic bottles because of their strong barrier properties. As most of the mid- to low-end cosmetic packaging market has been replaced by plastic bottles, bags or tubes, the percentage of glass bottles used is less than 8%. However, it still has an irreplaceable advantage in this packaging segment and will remain the material of choice for high-grade cosmetics in the short term.

The processing of glass has also improved in recent years, with the use of computerised CAD glass bottle mould design, computerised automatic control of glass furnaces, strengthening and lightweighting technologies for production, the quality of glass bottles is being enhanced, weight is being reduced and transparency and surface finish is being further enhanced. In terms of post-processing, the glass surface can be treated with sandblasting process, colour painting, colour printing (up to 7-8 colour), engraving, etc., which greatly improves the added value of glass bottles.

2. Plastic

  Plastic  cosmetic packaging

Plastic is light and inexpensive, easy to form a large-scale production, can be made into a variety of bottles, and printing performance is very good, you can use thermal transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods to instructions, logos, bar codes printed directly on the surface of the container. Plastic is malleable and can be manufactured into a variety of structures and shapes of bottles, jars, boxes and other plastic containers. Cosmetic capsules are a typical example of their plasticity. Capsules come in a wide variety of shapes and colours and are very attractive to look at. These packages bring consumers a safer and more convenient way to consume. The disadvantage of plastic containers is that they are not as transparent as glass, but nowadays polyethylene extended blow moulding technology has overcome the shortcomings of polyethylene blow moulded bottles, which are not as transparent as glass bottles.

Multi-layer moulding technology allows multiple layers of different types of plastic to be combined and moulded together in a single process, meeting the need for both effective protection of the quality of skin care products and a luxurious and innovative appearance. With multi-layer moulding technology, cosmetic plastic packaging is completely insulated from oxidising substances such as light and air, and is visually and tactilely pleasing in appearance. Multi-layer moulding technology also improves the bendability of the tube. The most common packaging for skin care lotions today is the tube and glass bottle. Whereas 15 years ago tubes were only a medium or low grade packaging, now even the most prestigious brands are using them. Tubes are economical and convenient to produce, easy to carry and suitable for holding lotions and gels.

Today plastic packaging for cosmetics has captured more than 80% of the packaging market for cosmetics, making it the most dominant packaging material for cosmetics.

3. Aluminium

 Aluminium  cosmetic packaging

Aluminium packaging materials for cosmetics are light in weight, bright in colour, elegant and luxurious, durable and easy to process and shape and paint, and are favoured and widely used by the cosmetics packaging industry. Nowadays, vacuum aluminised paper has a metallic lustre and is easy to print, with many advantages such as beauty, fashion, high grade and environmental protection, which greatly meets the requirements of cosmetic packaging and has become the focus of attention in the selection of materials for high-grade cosmetic packaging. Vacuum aluminised paper is printed with transparent and colourful ink, which gives a noble and rich metallic lustre, and is also very good at preventing counterfeiting. Depending on the needs of the cosmetic product, the outer packaging can be printed with a shiny laser logo or a specific pattern, which is beautiful, fresh and easily recognisable. Vacuum aluminised packaging material is a new type of composite environmentally friendly packaging material, which is gradually replacing aluminium foil laminated paper as the aluminium paper base material. It has its own green characteristics of being recyclable and degradable in the soil, and saves metal resources, making it a green packaging material conducive to environmental protection.


The development trend of cosmetic packaging

1. Greening

Green is the main theme of global development, in today's increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, cosmetic packaging should also keep pace with the times, to do "green".

2. Innovation

Cosmetic packaging is an important factor in attracting the attention of consumers. From the mass market to high-end shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are paying more and more attention to packaging innovation and novelty. Innovation is a constant theme in cosmetic packaging.

3. Combination

Products for related uses are being sold together in one large box or bag. For example:Many efficacious product sets include a cleanser, massage cream, mask, nutritional water, nutritional cream, etc. The benefit is that they are convenient for the customer and also more affordable than buying individual products.


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