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What kind of glass bottle is considered defective?

Which glass bottles are classified as defective? Many customers have mentioned this problem. In fact, everything in the world is not perfect, and the glass bottle products are not listed. Today, let Wuxi Meishang Packaging Co., Ltd. explain to you what kind of glass bottles. It is considered a real defect, let us continue to look down.

The glass bottles with the following five conditions are even defective. I hope you can pay attention to them next time you see such glass bottles.

(1) Uneven thickness

It refers to the unevenness of the glass on the glass bottle. The main reason is that the temperature of the glass gob is uneven. The part with high temperature has low viscosity and is very easy to blow thin; the part with low temperature has large friction resistance and is thicker. The temperature of the physical model is uneven. The glass on the higher temperature side cools slowly and is easy to blow thinly, and the lower temperature side is thicker because the glass cools quickly.

(2) Deformation

The gob temperature and the function temperature are too high, and the glass bottle slipped from the forming mold is not completely shaped, and usually collapses and deforms. Sometimes the bottom of the bottle is still soft and the marks of the conveyor belt will be printed, and the bottom of the bottle will be uneven.

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(3) Cracks

Cracks are the most widespread defect in glass bottles. It will be very thin, some can only be noticed in the refracted light. The locations that are often caused are bottle stoppers, short plates and shoulders, and cracks often appear on the bottle body and the bottom of the bottle.

(4) Not round

If the gob temperature is too low or the solid model is cold, the mouth, shoulders, etc. will not be rounded, resulting in defects such as vacancies, shrunken shoulders and unclear lines.

(5) Cold spots

The soft spots that are not smooth on the surface of the glass bottle are called cold spots. The main reason for this kind of shortcomings is the low temperature of the physical model, which is mostly caused when the glass bottle factory is just started to be manufactured or when the glass bottle factory is shut down and restarted.

The above is the relevant knowledge about defective glass introduced by Wuxi Meishang Packaging Company. We are a glass cream bottle manufacturer, providing glass cream jars. We sale cream bottle that have passed quality inspection and are flawless. Please rest assured , You can contact us to buy if you need it~

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